Course: Android App Development Course

What is an API – Rest API in Android App Development

In this tutorial, We will Learn about APIs from basic to Advance level with real-time Examples then we move to API Implementation Steps but first, we’ll know about
  • What is API?
  • Why do we use API?
  • Why API is important?
  • Types of Apis?
  • Role of API in Android
  • Working steps of Post Man
  • Retrofit Library implementation
  • Retrofit instance Interface
  • API Implementation.
API implementation Steps:
  1.  Create Android Studio Project
  2.  Add Internet Permission in Manifest
  3.  Add retrofit Libraries
  4.  Create a class for Retrofit Instance
  5.  Interface for endpoints.
  6.  Create Pojo(Plain old java object) Class for API response.
  7.  Call API in Activity/Fragment.
  8.  Set Data in XML View.